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Building. electrical, plumbing, mechanical code inspections
Code Inspections


Building:        International Building Code (IBC®)
                         International Residential Code (IRC®)

Electrical:       NEC®

Plumbing:      International Plumbing Code (ICC®)

                         National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated

Mechanical:   ICC®

Periodic Inspections


Swimming Pools
Personal Care Homes


Government Agreements


Construction Code Enforcement


Plan Review


ICC®      Requirements
UCC®    Requirements


Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Facilities


Periodic Electrical Survey


MDIA can provide annual electrical survey inspections of your facility. 

These inspections can prove to be very beneficial by notifying you of any electrical problems that could possibly have disastrous results if not corrected. 


Inspections cover all components of your electrical system including an infra-red scanning procedure which can locate "Hot Spots," possible equipment failures and/or system damage.


Tri-Annual Public Swimming Pool Inspections in Pennsylvania


Electrical inspections for public swimming pools and hot tubs for compliance with Department of Health regulations.




 Construction code enforcement
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